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Version: v1.1.x

Privatization deployment

If your team wants to privatize and deploy this monitoring tool, we currently provide two solutions.

We provide community version monitoring product hertzbeat, which can be downloaded and deployed directly by referring to HertzBeat deployment document. It is free for individuals or enterprises.
All copyrights, patents, trademarks and ownership statements in this work and the source code must be retained. You can feed back or learn problems encountered during installation and deployment through communities, wechat groups, QQ groups, etc..
We also provide paid remote installation and deployment services.

Cluster SAAS version of HertzBeat-TanCloud (paid)

This version is the corresponding version of TanCloud Official website environment. Compared with hertzbeat, it has functions of clustering, users, tenants and so on, which is suitable for medium and large-scale team enterprises. This version is a paid version. For tancloud privatization deployment plan and price, please consult us on WeChat tan-cloud, and add WeChat please note: privatization + team name.

Privatized custom function development (paid)

Support the development of custom functions and features. Please contact us on WeChat tan-cloud, and please note: privatization + team name.

Welcome to introduce business and become a recommender. We will give the recommender 20% - 30% commission reward for orders