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Friendly Cloud Monitor System


Micro-teams no longer need to deploy a cumbersome monitoring system in order to monitor their own website resources. Often times, that monitoring system consumes more resources than its own website. TANCLOUD provides SAAS cloud, Login Now can start your service monitoring.
Security is the most important, we encrypt the whole link of account key and monitoring key.

Custom Monitor

HertzBeat supports monitoring of website, api, ping connectivity, port availability, sitemap, database, operating system, etc., and provides more monitoring types and metrics.
We provide a more liberalized threshold alarm configuration, support email, SMS, webhook, DingTalk, WeChat, Feishu robot and other alarm notifications.
The monitoring needs of different teams are ever-changing. We provide Custom-Monitoring 自定义监控, which can quickly access the monitoring system only by configuring YML.

Opensource Friendly

The HertzBeat code is open source, and anyone who are interested in it are very welcome to participate. We will make progress together, and the rich resource documents are being improved.
We believe that open source can change the world!
HertzBeat Code Github
HertzBeat Code Gitee.

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