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Monitoring:Linux operating system monitoring

Collect and monitor the general performance indicators of Linux operating system.

Configuration parameter

Parameter nameParameter help description
Monitoring HostMonitored IPV4, IPV6 or domain name. Note⚠️Without protocol header (eg: https://, http://)
Monitoring nameIdentify the name of this monitoring. The name needs to be unique
PortPort provided by Linux SSH. The default is 22
UsernameSSH connection user name, optional
PasswordSSH connection password, optional
Collection intervalInterval time of monitor periodic data collection, unit: second, and the minimum interval that can be set is 10 seconds
Whether to detectWhether to detect and check the availability of monitoring before adding monitoring. Adding and modifying operations will continue only after the detection is successful
Description remarksFor more information about identifying and describing this monitoring, users can note information here

Collection indicator

Indicator set:basic

Indicator nameIndicator unitIndicator help description
hostnamenoneHost name
versionnoneOperating system version
uptimenoneSystem running time

Indicator set:cpu

Indicator nameIndicator unitIndicator help description
infononeCPU model
corescoresNumber of CPU cores
interruptnumberNumber of CPU interrupts
loadnoneAverage load of CPU in the last 1/5/15 minutes
context_switchnumberNumber of current context switches
usage%CPU usage

Indicator set:memory

Indicator nameIndicator unitIndicator help description
totalMbTotal memory capacity
usedMbUser program memory
freeMbFree memory capacity
buff_cacheMbMemory occupied by cache
availableMbRemaining available memory capacity
usage%Memory usage

Indicator set:disk

Indicator nameIndicator unitIndicator help description
disk_numblocksTotal number of disks
partition_numpartitionsTotal number of partitions
block_writeblocksTotal number of blocks written to disk
block_readblocksNumber of blocks read from disk
write_rateiopsRate of writing disk blocks per second

Indicator set:interface

Indicator nameIndicator unitIndicator help description
interface_namenoneNetwork card name
receive_bytesbyteInbound data traffic(bytes)
transmit_bytesbyteOutbound data traffic(bytes)

Indicator set:disk_free

Indicator nameIndicator unitIndicator help description
filesystemnoneFile system name
usedMbUsed disk size
availableMbAvailable disk size
mountednoneMount point directory